‘Labour’ on The Sun: Wrong on Hillsborough. Wrong on Labour

 September 30, 2009         1 Comment

In amongst all the brou-haha about the Sun switching its mealy-mouthed allegiances to the Tories is one interesting little detail that was spotted over on Currybet.

It suggests that Labour and The Sun are already at war using Adwords as a battleground. The Google platform allows advertisers to buy up search keywords that will ensure a link to the advertiser’s site is displayed alongside search results.

Labour and The Sun appear to have been busy buying up ‘Labour’-related keywords, with the result that the first Adword entry is for the Labour Party under the title ‘You can’t trust The Sun’.

Underneath are the words ‘Wrong on Hillsborough. Wrong on Labour”.

The second entry is a link to The Sun under the title “The Sun backs The Tories” and abstract “After 12 years in power, The Labour Party loses The Sun’s support.”

Now, I’m a bit dubious about Labour invoking Hillsborough to smear The Sun, but on the other hand I’m fairly relaxed about the general public being reminded of the vile lies that The Sun published about Hillsborough, especially given Kelvin Mackenzie’s repetition of those lies on several occasions.

The Sun has also bought up real estate on search engine results for Conservatives, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Liberal Democrats.

The Labour ad seems to have disappeared now, and I’m a little sceptical that the ad was bought by The Labour Party as it didn’t click through to a dedicated landing page.

Whoever is responsible, aside from the moral issues involved, it’s a tactically smart attack on The Sun. Hillsborough remains a significant sore point for the paper, with sales still significantly down on Merseyside.

The Sun may change its mind as often as the weather when it comes to politics, but Merseyside will never relent when it comes to The Sun.


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