The Long Night of the AND Festival…in pictures

 September 24, 2009         2 Comments

I really love the semi-regular night in Liverpool when the city’s artistic buildings throw open their doors into the night. There’s a real festival atmosphere in town on these night, a little like the frisson on excitement on Halloween and bonfire night.

As ever, my best laid plans to attend about two dozen different events at the Long Night of the AND Festival didn’t quite go to plan and the Tate, the Mersey Tunnel tour and the Empire tour went by the wayside. To be honest it had taken me quite some time to whittle it down to half a dozen. Reason to make these events a tad more regular in my book.

Anyway, I eventually took in the Turning the Place Over tour; took in a bit of the ambience at the Walker; missed the Empire tour; attended the FACT birthday and its related events; and finished up at the Black-e.

I was particularly pleased to be part of the FACT celebration, as I feel quite a kinship with old place and bumped into old acquaintance Alison Ferguson with a tray of cakes there. Most heartening.

Special mentions to the enthusiastic guide at Turning the Place Over, the outdoor events at FACT and props to the Black-e for turning what use to be hulking wreck into a smart, nearly-there community centre. Proper culture.

Anyway, here are some fuzzy snaps courtesy of my old Samsung mobile phone, which are pleasingly hazy and vaguely magical. Bit like the night.


  1. Absolutely devastated to miss all of the great events this year but thanks for the article and the blurry cam photos. At least there’s always next year but if these events were a bit more spread out and regular, all the better. Seems like even a hardcore art aficionado can’t get to see everything in the one night.

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