The Best of Liverpool 2009

I’ve asked a group of people well placed in media, music, arts and other general culture vultures to venture their high- and lowlights of Liverpool in 2009.

Film in Liverpool and Under the Mud

I eventually managed to see The Thing at Picturehouse at FACT last week, despite a crowded social calendar last weekend that involved three consecutive boozy dos.

I was grateful for the opportunity, and it goes to show the value of having FACT in Liverpool. The last four times I’ve been to the flicks there I’ve seen Antichrist, Moon, District 9 and The Thing – and I doubt Liverpool One would have given me the opportunity.

The Long Night of the AND Festival…in pictures

I really love the semi-regular night in Liverpool when the city’s artistic buildings throw open their doors into the night. There’s a real festival atmosphere in town on these night, a little like the frisson on excitement on Halloween and bonfire night.