‘Labour’ on The Sun: Wrong on Hillsborough. Wrong on Labour

In amongst all the brou-haha about the Sun switching its mealy-mouthed allegiances to the Tories is one interesting little detail that was spotted over on Currybet.

It suggests that Labour and The Sun are already at war using Adwords as a battleground. The Google platform allows advertisers to buy up search keywords that will ensure a link to the advertiser’s site is displayed alongside search results.

Labour and The Sun have clearly been busy buying up ‘Labour’-related keywords, with the result that the first Adword entry is for the Labour Party under the title ‘You can’t trust The Sun’.

Underneath are the words ‘Wrong on Hillsborough. Wrong on Labour”.

The Long Night of the AND Festival…in pictures

I really love the semi-regular night in Liverpool when the city’s artistic buildings throw open their doors into the night. There’s a real festival atmosphere in town on these night, a little like the frisson on excitement on Halloween and bonfire night.

Tim Smit at Liverpool Philharmonic – Eden, Tony Bradshaw and positive liberty

I went to see Tim Smit last night at the Phil, part of a series of lectures arranged by the University of Liverpool as part of Liverpool’s Year of the Environment theme.

I’ve followed Smit ever since I read his book on Eden, an extraordinary, inspirational book about one man’s fight with nature, administrators, economics, common sense and received wisdom.

Gordon Brown’s visit to Liverpool and Ellesmere Port

As David Bartlett notes, Gordon Brown’s visits to Liverpool as PM haven’t always been the happiest of occasions.

Addressing the TUC today and telling them that public services will have to put up with some hefty spending cuts is unlikely to go down well either.

But Brown should use the opportunity to highlight some clear blue water between Labour and the Conservatives going into the general election next year.