The Best of Liverpool 2009

I’ve asked a group of people well placed in media, music, arts and other general culture vultures to venture their high- and lowlights of Liverpool in 2009.

Tim Smit at Liverpool Philharmonic – Eden, Tony Bradshaw and positive liberty

I went to see Tim Smit last night at the Phil, part of a series of lectures arranged by the University of Liverpool as part of Liverpool’s Year of the Environment theme.

I’ve followed Smit ever since I read his book on Eden, an extraordinary, inspirational book about one man’s fight with nature, administrators, economics, common sense and received wisdom.

Go Penguins

After the success of last year’s Go Superlambananas, which saw loads of superlambananas springing up around the city, this year will feature Go Penguins, which will feature lots of, er, penguins springing up around the city.

No, I’m a big fan of not fixing things that ain’t broke, but this strikes me as a little unimaginative.

However, it also opens up some intriguing possibilities for events around the city in the future.