Film in Liverpool and Under the Mud

 October 2, 2009         Leave a comment

I eventually managed to see The Thing at Picturehouse at FACT last week, despite a crowded social calendar last weekend that involved three consecutive boozy dos.

I was grateful for the opportunity, and it goes to show the value of having FACT in Liverpool. The last four times I’ve been to the flicks there I’ve seen Antichrist, Moon, District 9 and The Thing – and I doubt Liverpool One would have given me the opportunity.

A year or so ago I also managed to see Blade Runner on the big screen at FACT, an experience that watching the film on a TV doesn’t even hint at.

The Philharmonic also deserves praise for its film nights, which often stray into some fairly interesting fare, though I managed to miss a rare showing of Forbidden Planet a couple of years ago.

Kudos also for the Film on the Waterfront weekend, which projected a number of films onto building at Pier Head.

All of which brings me onto another film-related happening in the city, namely Hurricane Films’ attempt to get the cash together to promote Liverpool film Under the Mud.

Received well by Hollywood celebrities and critics alike, the film has, nevertheless, struggled to find a distributor due to its lack of big-name slebs. As a result a guerilla marketing effort is under way.

The plan is to raise enough cash to decorate an old double decker and send it out around the streets of the city to promote the film.

Find out more about the film at the Under the Mud blog and make a pledge.

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