Liverpool cricket blog

A shameless bit of self-promotion from me with a bit of blurb about a new blog I ‘curate’. I say ‘curate’, but what I mean is that I filled in some forms on Blogger and wrote the initial entries.

It’s loosely based around Sefton Park Cricket club, where I play, and the characters therein but it will probably stray further afield from time to time.

The name, Quis est Porcus?, is a daft stab at the latin for ‘What is ham?’ – a notorious question that has reverberated around the club ever since the question was initially asked.

Quite a few of us are journalists at the club, so it seemed sensible to pool our efforts on a collaborative project.

I was hoping for something in the grand tradition of cricket writing: Jim Swanton, John Arlott, Mike Selvey, Simon Hughes, but I suspect the fogeyish whinging of Bob Willis and Ian Botham are probably closer to the truth.

Liverpool One and the recession

I’d suggest that Liverpool watchers should start turning their eyes toward the hallowed gates of Liverpool One over the next few weeks.

It’s the time of the year when commercial rents are due and bets are being taken on which high-street names are likely to go to the big white-washed window in the sky.

For some reason that escapes me, commercial landlords collect payments at quarterly intervals, meaning colossal outgoing for tenants every three months.

Pair that to poor trading conditions, and the fact that the post-Christmas lull is a traditionally-slow one, and you’re going to get casualties.