Snowballs, snowmen and snowpenises: Sefton Park in Winter

 February 3, 2009         2 Comments

Sefton Park

If you judged today by media reports you’d think of the calamitous effects on the country’s infrastructure, a floating sign reading £1.2bn while Huw Edwards looks stern and a bunch of soundbites from a group of dead-eyed Noel’s HQ-watching berks declaring the UK to be ‘a third-world country’.

What I saw was loads of being being extremely happy and having a laugh. Nothing brings people together like a good snowfall, as evinced by the billions of photos of people having fun in the snow sent in to the BBC.

No doubt some soulless minion from the CBI will be trotted out to tell us how awful this is, and the hand-wringing about why we allow snow to fall on our great country and prevent some people getting to work will commence.

It’s a bit of a depressing sign of how insanely busy everyone generally is in the country that the prospect of people enjoying themselves fills everyone with such horror.

Anyway, I went to Sefton Park tonight quite late on – photoset on Flickr here – and made snowmen and threw snowballs, like you should. There were dogs having the time of their lives, kids laughing with utter glee, and adults throwing themselves around with the sort of abandon usually reserved for a Slater Street binge.

We can all get back to being miserable and stressed out tomorrow. For one day the country kicked back and enjoyed itself.

Sefton Park Snowman


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