Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

Look, I’m a big fan of food. I made an aioli dip all by myself to go with some fish I fried tonight, OK?

I love food, but I didn’t love the launch for Liverpool Food Festival today in Sefton Park.

I suppose in many ways it was a victim of its own success, but the congestion in the enclosure and queues evident throughout the day weren’t a lot of fun.

Sefton Park in Summer: Barbecues, booze, bins

The summer always makes me realise how much work goes into making Sefton Park looking tidy and pretty.

At the end of a weekend the park looks like a bomb has hit it, with discarded bags of rubbish lying around bins like scallies surrounding a newsagents.

Everyone seems to make a beeline for Sefton Park in the summer, and there are endless amounts of festivals, various events and bloody fun runs.

The park’s grassy expanses are perfect for lounging in the summer, but the growth in supermarket booze cruises and portable barbecues rather take their toll on public space in the summer, to my mind.