Liverpool girls go wild for Brazilian

 September 29, 2010         10 Comments

Another day, another new restaurant. This one’s Viva Brazil, opening towards the business district on Castle Street.

Considering the amount of cash sloshing around that part of town, the Blog reckons the area isn’t brilliantly served food-wise, with the brilliant Etsu one of only a couple of eateries in the area that really excel.

If I was feeling uncharitable, I might suggest that some of the outlets on that side of town are more interested in chasing a WAG and Yuppie demographic than actually creating good food, but there you go; business is business.

Will Viva Brazil buck the trend? That remains to be seen, but we’re not entirely sure what to make of this publicity stunt, staged yesterday in time for a weekend opening:

If you made it this far down the page, here’s some blurb about Viva Brazil:

Viva Brazil Churrascaria is an authentic, Brazilian style Steakhouse. The concept is simple, Viva Brazil gives you more – more of everything… food, service and atmosphere.

Once seated, your Brazilian style dining experience begins. Guests are given the chance to relax and enjoy one of their favourite cocktails, make a selection from our list of hand-picked fine wines, or you can head straight over to our choose from our selection of seasonal salads and side dishes.

The real experience begins as our troop of Passadors (Carvers) move from table to table, offering over fifteen select cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Sausages, all slow roasted over our charcoal barbeque and expertly carved at the table.

To further accompany this feast, dishes such as garlic mashed potatoes, polenta, fried banana and artisan cheese breads are served to your table for you to enjoy.

Your Brazilian experience would not be complete without one of our hard to resist Caipirinha cocktails. The national drink of Brazil, mixed together using only Cachaca rum, freshly squeezed limes and Sugar. At Viva Brazil, we bring the bar to you with our bespoke mobile cocktail stations. Let our experienced bartenders mix and serve freshly prepared drinks at the comfort of your own table!

Join us for a dining experience that dates back hundreds of years to the cowboys of Southern Brazil. Times may have changed, but we’re sure that our food, service and hospitality, is just how they would’ve loved it!

The Culture Blog hasn’t sampled the delights of Viva Brazil as yet, but with publicity like this will anyone care what I think?

Viva Brazil Churrascaria – Liverpool

• Image by Dave The Pap


  1. Jeez, what a cheap stunt. Still, ‘Brazil’ and ‘exploitative labour’ aren’t exactly alien to each I suppose.

  2. Thinking on, who is the marketing genius behind this one? Don Draper he (or she) is not, although it fits with early 1960s values.

  3. Ah, nothing says ‘a typical Brazilian eatery’ quite like 3 British glamour models painted with a Brazil football shirt.

    Stay classy in this way, that’s what I’d suggest and they’ll have hoards of pissed stag night crowds in no time.

  4. Andrew and Ms Greer’s comments express my thoughts on that sort of PR more eloquently than I ever could…but you’re right about “that area” of town (and Etsu!) too. MEET (or MEAT, whatever it’s called) is a chrome nightmare. I ended up in “Restaurant” Bar & Grill recently and felt like, food-wise at least, it was just a standard burger bar made to feel “posh” for wannabe-wags.

  5. I’m no PR expert but after thinking about this for approximately 0.5 seconds, I’m wondering why they didn’t go for the classic Rio carnival/samba outfit, rather than runny yellow paint and masking tape-covered nipples.

    Having said that, I do have a sudden and unexpected craving for meat.

  6. I think you guys actually have it quite wrong. The fact that there are 3 topless women standing in the street is irrelevant. I have eaten at the restaurant and it’s service and food speaks for itself. I have also eaten at the other restaurants around castle street,as well as top restaurants across the UK and europe, and this one is a real find. Traditionally authentic food, brazillian staff, a relaxed yet samba filled atmosphere….. Stop wasting your time moaning on here and get yorself in there, I’m sure you’ll soon become a fan. Pete

  7. ^ Does Pete Taylor work for this place? Pete, can I get a cow-tit slathered in mustard and relish so it looks like the Brazilian kit?

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