‘Yanks out’ goes viral

 September 30, 2010         Leave a comment

So, Liverpool’s finest are set to get together to film a video in protest at ‘the most hated man on Merseyside since Kelvin MacKenzie’ (still our most hated man) as fears grow that LFC owner Tom Hicks, along with partner-in-crime George Gillet, will ruin the footie club.

It’s been curious to watch the plight of Reds over the last 12 months, especially after they took such delight in NUFC being sent down the season before last, but no-one wants a football club to go down.

So, with a typically scouse flourish, Liverpool is uniting against the hated American tycoons, in what is the latest attempt to lever the owners out of Anfield.

Behind all of this are the trio of Hollywood film producer Mike Jefferies, Liverpool author Kevin Sampson and Liverpool musician Neville Skelly, while plenty of the usual suspects – McCulloch, Broudie, Bishop and Fitzmaurice – are also connected with the video.

The Culture Blog’s not sure what to make of all of this – all of the YANKS OUT stuff is uncomfortably close to jingoism – but we once spent an evening with Kevin Sampson, who was an amusing, witty, softly-spoken and fundamentally pleasant chap.

So, what the hell. Why not send an old American bloke a video clip telling him how much you hate him?

• Filming takes place Saturday from 10.00am–6.00pm at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool.

• Image by Dave The Pap

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