Ground share moves a step closer

I hate to say I told you so but, as I predicted, Destination Kirkby has been thoroughly kiboshed by the government.

It was, financially, a good deal for Everton and an affordable way out of a crumbling ground badly served by surrounding infrastructure.

But it was also a good few miles away from Goodison and came with a bundle of other leisure and retail strings attached.

Communities secretary, John Denham, was apparently worries about the negative impact on surrounding areas of a vast out-of-town development.

It’s almost enough to make one what Liverpool One’s management team made of it all.

Watch Darren Bent’s balloon scoring against Liverpool

The excuses coming from the mouths of Reds will actually have some foundation after today’s Liverpool versus Sunderland match against, in which a balloon helped Darren Bent to score an unlikely, and freakish goal.

Poor Pepe Reina looked like he’d just had his Porsche Cayenne stolen as the ball deflected off a balloon on the pitch and hit the back of the net.

Why does Liverpool boycott the Sun?

I’m not going to get in the detail of the Hillsborough disaster, which is nearing its 25th anniversary in April.

I was 11 at the time and don’t remember a lot about it, aside from finding the names of the roads and ends associated with the tragedy disturbingly memorable. Liverpool Guild of Students, of which I was a member, had a memorial on the wall as a tribute to a student lost on that day.

I do not and cannot really relate to the way Hillsborough affected Liverpool, so I have no right to intrude on, or share in, that grief. That emotion is obvious every day when another stack of Sun newspapers goes unsold in Liverpool.

I was playing cricket last year when I expressed surprise that someone had brought along a copy of the Sun and subsequently spent some time explaining why to some local Liverpool lads. They were as shocked by the story as I was that they didn’t already know.

All of which brings me onto the role of the Sun and more specifically, Kelvin Mackenzie.