Play Liverpool-based Flash games

As someone who works as an online editor, I’ve become a huge fan of embeddable Flash games, not because they’re any cop but because they’re such as a good, cheap, easy source of evergreen copy that’s inevitably popular.

In that spirit I though I’d round up all the games on the web that relate to Liverpool. Inevitably the ones I’ve been able to find tend to relate to Liverpool Football Club efforts, but there’s a nifty little racer in here too.

Although I don’t have a lot of time for footy sims, Champions League Liverpool Milan is actually pretty decent for a Flash game.

And, by a curious quirk of fate, the Streets of Liverpool against-the-clock racer may be geographically inaccurate, but it starts at finishes at the former offices or Ripple Effect – Number One Hnrey Street – which ahppens to be where I currently work.