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 March 11, 2009         Leave a comment

As someone who works as an online editor, I’ve become a huge fan of embeddable Flash games, not because they’re any cop but because they’re such a good, cheap, easy source of evergreen content that’s inevitably popular.

In that spirit I though I’d round up all the games on the web that relate to Liverpool. Inevitably the games I’ve been able to find tend to relate to Liverpool Football Club, but there’s a nifty little racer in here too.

Although I don’t have a lot of time for footy sims, Champions League Liverpool Milan is actually pretty decent for a Flash game, concerning the Reds’ unsuccessful UEFA campaign in 2007.

And, by a curious quirk of fate, the Streets of Liverpool against-the-clock racer may be geographically inaccurate, but it starts and finishes at the former offices of its creator Ripple Effect – number one Henry Street – which happens to be where I currently work.

The third game is Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge. If you hadn’t guessed by now, Flash games tend to named for SEO purposes, so titles are rammed with keywords. Halo, Silent Hill and classic spectrum game Psst! would have got nowhere as Flash games.

Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge pretty much does what it says on the tin. You can play as one of any number of teams in some unnamed Euro competition. It’s frankly rubbish, but there’s always a simple pleasure to be taken in crude games like this.

If you find any other Liverpool-related games on the web – perhaps one where Heather Mills-McCartney chases Paul for alimony payments wielding a fake leg, or a chase game where Livcerpool FC star Steven Gerrard is (allegedly) chased across Liverpool by some unsavoury characters, one of whom has allegedly been acqainted with the football star’s girlfriend – then do let me know.

Until then enjoy the best Liverpool games on the web. Well, the best ones I could find.

Champions League Liverpool Milan

Streets of Liverpool

Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge

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