The Sun opens Liverpool Twitter channel

 August 10, 2010         2 Comments

A very quick one, as I really don’t want to give them any more publicity than necessary, but The Sun has open a Liverpool Twitter account, albeit only posting headlines through via Twitterfeed.

Not such a big deal? Maybe to the people of a city accused of the most hideous lies imaginable by the paper after Hillsborough.

There are some things I think Liverpool needs to get over, but Hillsborough is a taboo. Emotion is still high and raw, and understandably as far as I’m concerned.

The Sun has bent over backwards in recent years to apologise for its sickening coverage of Hillsborough, but I don’t blame scousers for wanting nothing to do with the paper, especially when it continues to employ Kelvin MacKenzie – something the BBC should also be ashamed of.

Sometime the best thing you can do to make amends is to just go away and leave people in peace.

• You can find my other coverage of Hillsborough, usually involving the Sun, here

• The SunLiverpool account seems very new, but it’s already attracted some unsurprising opprobrium, including:

@SunLiverpool You hideous, hideous lying bastards. Was that what you wanted? Much less than you deserve.

Every @SunLiverpool follower should be ashamed. All 600 of ’em

@SunLiverpool as if the sun is scum

I’ve only lived in Liverpool for a year, but somehow I think that The Sun might be being a wee bit optimistic with their @SunLiverpool feed.

Good god, I can’t believe this. When will they get the message? We won’t forgive. We won’t forget.

You have afucking nerve don’t you? The lies your shitrag printed and you set up a twitter account?

The @SunLiverpool needs to fuck off


  1. Useful to point out that this misguided approach seems to be taken to support their Liverpool Football coverage. The account in question is following other Sun channels for teams in the Premier League I think.

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