A Girl’s Night Out – Rihanna at Club Bamboo

 May 12, 2010         2 Comments

Straight from the camera of the Culture Blog’s roaming paparazzo is this image of Rihanna – whom I’m told is some sort of torch singer – entering Liverpool Club Bamboo, wherever that its.

The pop songstrel, who owns an umbrella, was in Liverpool to perform at the Echo Arena, but took some time out to earn a (rumoured) £30,000 to show up at Bamboo – which is some sort of discotheque – on Sunday 9 May.

And what did Bamboo get for their hard-earned? About an hour, by all accounts.

• Image by Dave The Pap


  1. OMG! me and my friends when to town (liverpool) on the weekend and saw her spit and imagage walk wright past us, and my mate shouted “oh my god! was that rihanna, the girl with camera crew!” and now i reasurch this i see it was her! we walked all round town to try and find her but never suceeded, atleast i can tell people i walk right next to her!

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