Liverpool crane collapse

 July 6, 2009         Leave a comment

This extraordinary image comes from Sparkle Media and shows a crane collapsed across a building at Chandlers Wharf near the Albert Dock in Liverpool.

This is by my reckoning the third crane collapse in Liverpool in recent years. There are reports that the driver is injured but alive and there are people trapped in the building. Here’s hoping everyone gets out unscathed.

Liverpool’s citizen journalists are providing superb coverage of the event, which you can follow here.

Crane collapse outside my flat!!!! Liverpool on Twitpic

• Here’s another by Fact_Liverpool:

Crane has just collapsed in Liverpool on Twitpic

EDIT: A friend of mine lives in one of the flats on the top floor. He hasn’t been allowed back in, is not sure when he will and has been told the block may have to be pulled down.

Reports in the media indicate that the crane’s counterweight ploughed through all of the floors through a stairwell into the basement. As a result several people had to be rescued.

Visible from the nearby road is the crane’s intrusion directly into some top floor flats. It’s a miracle no-one was killed, although the crane driver is said to be seriously injured.

Early reports suggest a fault in the crane and high winds may have been to blame.

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