Go Penguins

 July 7, 2009         1 Comment

After the success of last year’s Go Superlambananas, which saw loads of superlambananas springing up around the city, this year will feature Go Penguins, which will feature lots of, er, penguins springing up around the city.

Go Penguins

No, I’m a big fan of not fixing things that ain’t broke, but this strikes me as a little unimaginative.

However, it also opens up some intriguing possibilities for events around the city in the future. Her are some:

Go bats!

Bats start springing up around the city. Actually I’d enjoy this one.

Go ballistic!

Ballistic missiles start springing up around the city, each one representing a different country.

Go mad!

Mental health awareness.

Go nuts!

To raise awareness of testicular cancer, testicles start springing up around the city. Kids could be encouraged to go testicle-hunting, with dozens of balls hidden around Liverpool’s sights, landmarks and monuments.

At the conclusion of the event a giant testicle bounces down Lime Street.

Go crackers!

Celebrating crackers from around the world

Go to the foot of your stairs!

People all over Liverpool go to the foot of their stairs to raise awareness of stair-related injuries.

Go commando!

Celebrities such as Ricky Tomlinson and Warren Bradley wear their pants on their heads for a day.

Go Greek!

(That’s enough Go! festivals – Ed)

Anyway, although all of this is facetious in the extreme, I’m sure the Go Penguins events will be fun and successful.

Although there was a lot of sniffiness about the SLBs I thought they were a good way of connecting with kids, and I expect this new programme to be equally successful.


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