LFC fans ‘not from Liverpool’ shock

 March 13, 2009         6 Comments

Some amusing news from Comscore.com reveals what Blues knew all along: most Liverpool Football Club fans are not from Liverpool.

According to Comscore:

…Out of all U.K. visitors to Evertonfc.com, 46.8 percent come from the North West, compared to just 16.8 percent of all U.K. visitors to Liverpoolfc.tv!

What does this prove? Arguably not much, but Everton will enjoy the feeling of validation, while Reds will get all defensive and start talking about being the ‘most-supported club in Liverpool/the Permiership/the UK/Europe/The World’.

Living in south Liverpool I know loads of plazzy Liverpool fans, so it comes as no surprise to me.

And, no doubt, it will come as little surprise to Wayne Rooney, who voiced his opinion on Liverpool in an interview on MUTV this week.

“We’re in pole position in the title race and we know if we can beat Liverpool then that’ll more or less end their chances of winning the league. I’m very excited about the game because I grew up as an Everton fan hating Liverpool — and that hasn’t changed.”

The website subsequently changed the comments to:

I’m very excited about the game because I grew up as an Everton fan.

A bit of a storm in a teacup, I suppose. Still, good to see a sense of perspective.

Liverpool fans will be weeping into their prawn sandwiches.


  1. Everton only get 11 hits a week on their site (players’ mams) hence the statistical anomaly. And I think it’s Wayne “Once a Blue, always a Blue” Rooney who plays at the home of the prawn sandwiches – just ask Roy Keane.

  2. Have you considered the volume though, Robin? I think you’re being a little short-sighted.

    18% of Liverpudlian visitors to the LFC website might represent a total of one million people…equally, 46% of visitors to the EFC website might represent a similar total of Scouse visitors.

    All this study proves is that Liverpool FC have far more supporters worldwide than Everton. No great shock.

    Robin, I’m concerned that your journalistic impartiality could be questioned…is this an example of your anti-LFC bias coming through? And I thought you were trying to promote Liverpool?

  3. As if to confirm matters, two non-Liverpool LFC turn up and get defensive!

    As you may not have noticed, Top Cat, at no point have I attributed any significant meaning to the figures.

    Perhaps you should consider it a bit of Ferguson-esque mental disintegration. Something Liverpool does not seem to react to well, today’s result excepted. FACT!

  4. I notice the area mentioned in the Comscore research is “North West”. So, as far as we can tell from this research, 16.8% of Liverpool fans could come from within half a mile of the Shankly Gates. On the other hand, the 46.8% of “local” Everton fans could come from Barrow-in-Furness. The research, or at least the part referred to here, is no more specific than that.

    Hmm, eh, well. Etc.

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