ITV misses Merseyside derby goal

 February 5, 2009         1 Comment

My God, this is funny.

I didn’t much of the game myself, but I’m told that it was one of the more boring 117 minutes of footy seen in recent history, which makes it even more absurd that ITV should miss the crucial 60 seconds of coverage showing Dan Gosling’s goal.

Then again, in ITV’s favour, they didn’t start broadcasting hardcore pornography, although the photo below definitely seems to show Leighton Baines indulging in some sort of mutual sex act.

Leighton Baines

Michael Grade, a man indelibly etched on my conscience as a man who hates Doctor Who – ergo my bitter enemy, has indicated that he may wield ‘red cards’ over the incident, lending the likely impending and forced unemployment of a minor ITV minion a pleasingly flippant and media-friendly tone.

ITV has form with footy fans. David ‘Benanoun’ Pleat notwithstanding anyone who has ever watched ITV’s footy coverage will know that it is even worse than Sky’s preposterously bad coverage. Leeds fans certainly do:

Inevitably the media has gone batshit over the incident, as it seems obliged to these days. We should be grateful that the BBC isn’t responsible, or Jeremy Paxman’s execution would have been announced by now.

As if on cue the Daily Mail – a website that’s as technically and skilfully built as its content is poisonous and hateful – has branded ITV ‘muppets’ and published at least five articles on the incident, while its readers have indicated that they believe that ITV should stick to broadcasting ‘chav fodder’.

Amusingly, among two comments here voicing their outrage – both of which have been boosted – there’s a comments that reads ‘outrageous, for sure, but there are bigger problems in this world…’.

This comment has received 11 minus votes, giving the Mail their most valuable insight into the mindset of their readers yet. More hate, fear and ignorance please.

Daily Mail comments


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