Bradley leaked email: I nearly walked

 February 10, 2009         Leave a comment

Warren Bradley came close to ‘throwing in his hand’ during the Standards Board’s investigation, according to an email printed in The Daily Post’s Dale Street Blues blog.

Bradley received a qualified clean sheet last week by an investigation – which called him ‘naive’, ‘unwise’ and showing ‘a lack of good judgement’ – into whether he conspired with Deputy Mayor Mike Storey to bully Culture Company boss Jason Harborow out of his job and make him a scapegoat for the failed Mathew Street Festival.

In the email Bradley reveals that he nearly quit during the investigation and, in time-honoured fashion, takes a pot-shot at the media for its ‘vitriolic’ coverage.

In even more time-honoured fashion – for Liverpool City Council anyway – the email was subsequently leaked, though it is not clear whether by friend or by foe. After the last two years Bradley probably doesn’t know which is which anyway.

Anyway, I’m sure Bradley will see the funny side – it was a leaked email that kicked off the last 18 months’ worth of nonsense.

Although quite what was so vitriolic about press coverage, apart from pointing out that Bradley had been stupid to host a clandestine meeting with a former council employee who was in the process of suing the council, is debatable – barring the decidedly damning host of blogs that sprung up around the original Evil Cabal website.

Nevertheless, some of the coverage is almost valedictory: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, says Dale Street Blues. I’m not sure I agree. As the Standards Board report notes, Bradley may have damaged his reputation with the Harborow affair.

It seemed clear that as of last year’s elections his star wasn’t exactly riding high, after a desperate marriage of convenience was required to keep the Lib Dems in power. After this affair Bradley may limp along for another year of absurd photo opportunities, but the sharks will be circling.

From: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council)
Sent: 05 February 2009 13:34
Subject: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL – Standards Board

Dear All,

In case you haven’t heard already, I have today been informed of the outcome regarding the allegations that were made about me to the standards board for England.

The outcome is that I have NOT breached any of the ‘code of conduct’ and NO further action will taken against me.

Can I thank my colleagues who stuck by me throughout the last 18+ months; it has put a tremendous strain on me and my family, and at times I was minded to throw my hand in.

The press coverage has been vitriolic against me and I now hope I am given the opportunity to a response.

Thanks again, I feel slightly relieved to say the least.

Best wishes


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