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 January 21, 2009         1 Comment

Those of you who are regular readers (there are regular readers, right?) will know that this blog tends to be about whatever I fancy writing writing about, as long as I can make some kind of nebulous link back to Liverpool.

In that fine tradition, here’s an original use of Twitter that doesn’t involve co-worker disparagement, another link to a post on how to be better at PR on a PR blog, or another opinion of Channel 4’s best course of action regarding their funding shortfall. (And lest someone accuse me of piss-taking, I make posts like that all the time).

Mersey Shipping

It’s a mash-up of data from the River Mersey presented as a Twitter feed, displaying data on the comings and goings in the Mersey’s shipping channels.

I’m at a loss to explain why this is interesting, but along with my burgeoning interests in wildlife, industrial architecture and pistons it can only herald a rapidly-approaching mid-life crisis.

• Via The FACT blog


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