Liverpool Vodaphone advert with Jon Pertwee and Kyle MacLachlan

 January 15, 2009         1 Comment

Vodaphone advert Pilgrim Street

Stumbling around on Youtube recently I came across an advert I’ve been looking for since it was originally broadast over 12 years ago.


Take a Liverpool setting, Jon Pertwee, Kyle MacLachlan, some unfortunate cultural stereotyping and a certain cobbled street in the city and you have the Vodaphone advert that follows below.

The reason it stuck with me is that I’ve probably walked past that garage on Pigrim Street a hundred times, and I doubt I’ve ever managed about it without thinking of this ad, which manages to riff on Doctor Who, X Files and Twin Peaks.

But having watched it I challenge you to walk past that garage on Hope Street – the writing on the doors is still there – and not think of this ad.

It also happened to be the great Jon Pertwee’s last ever screen appearance before his death in 1996. Maybe not the ultimate tribute to the man’s body of work but there’s a nice resonance to it, and it’s stuck with me since the first time I ever watched it.


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