Red and Blues premiere

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Here’s an image of Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Davis and The Craig at the premiere of Reds and Blues at the Liverpool One ODEON the other night.

Featuring a number of Liverpool FC and Everton FC cameos, the film appears to be the latest in a long line of scouseploitation films along the lines of Beating Berlusconi and One Night In Istanbul.

Can there be any other city in the UK that mythologises its own culture quite so much? Doubtful.

Anyway, you can order Reds and Blues (The Ballad of Dixie and Kenny) on DVD at £14.99 from

• Thanks to Dave the Pap for the image

Russell Brand in Liverpool

Russell Brand, or ‘controversial comedian who goes out with Katy Perry, Russell Brand’ as it seems necessary to describe him, was in town this weekend to promote his new book, called My Booky Wooky, or something stupid.

Brand was doing a signing in Waterstones and attracted legions of swooning teenage girls, wtih whom Brand appears to have somehow avoided having sex.

To be fair to the guy he seems like a fairly decent chap, obviously spending a lot of time with his fans – and the Culture Blog used to find his dada-esque performances on Big Brother’s Little Brother most amusing.

Still, RustyRockets’ appearance in the Pool hasn’t gone down well with Liverpool Echo readers, whose comments read thusly:



The Culture Blog can only guess at the third comment, which reads like this:

This user has been blocked from posting future comments

Poor old Russ.

• Thanks Attack to Dave the Pap

Who wants to see pictures of Verne Troyer in Liverpool?

What’s that? You want pictures of Verne Troyer riding around Liverpool on his tricycle thing?

You got it. Apparently Troyer checked out the Atlantic Tower after a day of checking out the Beatles Story, Mathew Street and Cavern Walks.

The diminutive actor and womaniser was in down to do a public appearance at Club Coco., which is some sort of night-club, apparently.

• Image by Dave the Pap

Viva Brazil Liverpool opening

Some PR stunts involving mostly-topless women to publicise the opening of the Viva Brazil Churrascaria on Castle Street didn’t seem to go down very well last week, but some additional pictures from the launch the other night seem to show things going with a swing.

Although there’s a lot of female skin on show again, it seems rather more in keeping with the Brazilian carnivale vibe.

The Culture Blog’s spies report that the food and cocktails are very good; and a bevvy of apparent celebs at the opening point to something guaranteed to feature in a lot of ‘guess who I saw last night’ tabloidy tittle-tattle in days and weeks to come.

Alex Curran, Clair Louise Catterall, Sasha Parker and Jess Fox and were among the people who the Culture Blog has never heard of. Our representatives claim it will be a ‘place to be seen’. Topless, perhaps?

• Thanks to Dave the Pap