Russell Brand in Liverpool

 October 10, 2010         Leave a comment

Russell Brand, or ‘controversial comedian who goes out with Katy Perry, Russell Brand’ as it seems necessary to describe him, was in town this weekend to promote his new book, called My Booky Wooky, or something stupid.

Brand was doing a signing in Waterstones and attracted legions of swooning teenage girls, wtih whom Brand appears to have somehow avoided having sex.

To be fair to the guy he seems like a fairly decent chap, obviously spending a lot of time with his fans – and the Culture Blog used to find his dada-esque performances on Big Brother’s Little Brother most amusing.

Still, RustyRockets’ appearance in the Pool hasn’t gone down well with Liverpool Echo readers, whose comments read thusly:



The Culture Blog can only guess at the third comment, which reads like this:

This user has been blocked from posting future comments

Poor old Russ.

• Thanks Attack to Dave the Pap

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