Reverend Billy exorcises a till at Bold Street’s Tesco

 January 1, 2010         Leave a comment

Campaigning anti-consumerism evangelical preacher Reverend Billy exorcises a till in the Bold Street Tesco branch.

The Rev was touring the UK as part of the Shopocalypse tour in Summer last year when this was filmed. The campaigning man of God can hardly have timed his event better, as it came a few months before the public rose up against the Tesco machine when it threatened to open a store on Hope Street.

Anyway, I just noticed this and thought I’d share it. Here’s the thinking behind the Shopocalypse tour:

There are always activists in the English cities and towns to greet us, sometimes exhausted after years of resistance the monoculture. We are taken to the part of a city or town where the community still flourishes, and we meet independent shopkeepers.

Day after day we have gone into Tesco and Starbucks. Everyone seems radicalized. The wave of evictions and foreclosures has its sinister origin. The political class is business partners to the landlord/developer class, and the resulting chains and malls are bad for jobs, bad for families, and boring.

They traffic in sweatshop goods and put everyone into cars. We say no because the Earth says no.

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