Liverpool Sound City

 May 27, 2009         1 Comment

I finally made it to some Sound City stuff, taking in Hallo I Love You, Little Boots, Charnock & Russell, Sidney Bailey and His No Good Punchin’ Clowns, The Two Man Gentleman Band, Clinic and a.p.a.t.t. at various venues, although I only managed to see one entire set out of that lot thanks to some duff planning, bad luck and general confusion.

In amongst the mayhem I spent most time in the View Two gallery, an oasis in the middle of Sodom and Gomorrah, watching a series of folky, jazzy, swingy, skiffle-y performances. The Punchin’ Clowns and Gentlemen Band were a particularly rare form of Vaudevillian fun.

I’m not sure the night was even part of Sound City, but it was great fun nonetheless, and a definite change of pace to the other stuff on offer.

Seeing Clinic again after so long was great, especially as it was apparently the first gig they played in Liverpool in donkey’s years. Listening to Clinic always makes me think of what it might be like to die from an overdose of mogadon – creepy and disturbing, but not entirely unpleasant.

Unfortunately several people completely missed the set, as it was advertised incorrectly, so I managed to track down some footage from the night.

As ever, I failed to go to many gigs I would’ve liked to. Ah well, next time..


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