Pete Wylie’s 80’s Liverpool tour, Julian Cope’s cross-dressing police bother

 April 5, 2009         1 Comment

Two superb and, certainly in one case, distinctly bizarre updates from two of the Crucial Three – the trio of Julian Cope, Pete Wylie and Iain McCulloch that made up the core of the new wave of Liverpool talent that emerged from Liverpool in the early 80s.

Wylie is now an often-spotted man about town in Liverpool and resides in a house nicknamed Disgracelands. He’s an amusing chap, as can be seen in this fascinating clip which dates back to 1985.

One of Liverpool’s other famous sons has chosen a slightly different path. Julian Cope now lives somewhere Celtic and writes books about Japanese punk or on ley lines, rune stones and other quasi-archeological stuff.

But Cope’s increasingly leftfield interests and activites make for fascinating reading, not least his recent brush with the law while on his way to the Climate Camp while dressed in a woman’s wig and a stab-proof vest.

An excerpt is below, but head to Cope’s site for more. He’s a genuine, and strangely English eccentric – although I suspect he’d be nonplussed by that description – and it’s worth a look.

Unfortunately, when the main cop read on the report that I was wearing a stab vest, he came over personally and demanded to look at it. I just about managed to take the thing off without disturbing my wig, but the cop told me he believed the vest was part of a stolen consignment of police uniforms and gear, and that I’d taken off the labels to hide this fact.

Kiddies, I’ve had this stab vest at least two years and wear it any time I’m in the city, but the cops just used this as an excuse to do a full body search and they soon confiscated my burka, a pair of women’s tights and all of my (expensive) police body armour.

I’ve got nowt on McCulloch, but I saw him a year or so ago on Lark Lane, heading into Red Fort for a curry.

• Thanks to Shifty and Bowser for the nods.


  1. I would like more info on the tours Pete Wylie does please, e.g when, where, how much etc, we are visiting Liverpool this weekend and the tour sounds great.

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