Hush – new Brit thriller film

 March 18, 2009         Leave a comment

Zakes, Tonderai, Hush

I’ve just been to see Hush – the latest film that’s got ‘The best British thriller in years’ written across it, written and directed by Mark Tonderai.

It’s actually really good, and without resorting to a list of adjectives like taut, efficient, claustrophobic and nerve-shattering it’s well-shot and pacy enough to keep adrenalin levels up, without descending into action-slasher farce.

The first 15 minutes are actually pretty bad, and calling the lead character Zakes is a bizarre choice that grates immediately, but stick with it. The film get better and better as it progresses.

The Liverpool connection? Art director Matt Gant, who studied at LIPA. Synopsis below. Production company link here.

Tired and irritable, Zakes (Will Ash) and Beth (Christine Bottomley) drive home along the M1, a familiar journey full of harshly lit service stations and bad coffee. When a white truck narrowly avoids hitting them, its back doors open to reveal a woman terrified and screaming caged up inside.

Unsure if what he has seen is real, Zakes calls the police but drives on. Beth is furious that he hasn’t done more to help and at the next petrol station storms off. When she doesn’t return, Zakes slowly realises that she too has been snatched by the white truck driver and is forced into a vicious game of cat and mouse with a ruthless killer who has terrifying plans for his human cargo.

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