Blackman and Robin Returns Forever

 March 22, 2009         Leave a comment

I managed to dig out another old Blackman & Robin, which first appeared in Black+White Magazine over five years ago.

This story is undoubtedly the three of us at our creative peak or our most outrageously self-indulgent, depending on your opinion, and involves a slew of celebrity appearances and pop culture references.

The celebs mainly consisted of people we had a fondness for, but in the case of O’Leary it was simply somone we thought was an idiot. I’ve always loved Sir Bobby Robson, so he was the obvious choice for a hero. The sadly-departed John Peel and Tony Wilson had been in the news recently, as had Alexei Sayle, following some unfortunate comments about Liverpool.

Pop culture references include Alexei Sayle’s Stuff, Undercover Brother, Ghostbusters, The Five Doctors, Kill Bill, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Beatles, The Royle Family, Ali G and Transformers, though there are probably half a dozen others if you look closely enough.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice Blackman and Robin and Uncle Bobby sharing a jacuzzi with Sting and Jimmy Nail, both of whom have breasts. I’m not sure why.

• You’ll need to click on the links to view them at full size. They’re fairly hefty, so may take a few seconds to load. Click on them again to view them even larger.

Blackman & Robin Part 3 – Ham Spanner

Blackman & Robin Part 4 – Filthy Hot Jizz

• If you’re wondering what the hell this is, click here.

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