Half Map Half Biscuit

 February 23, 2009         2 Comments

Thanks to Bowser who flagged up this Google Maps mash-up detailing Birkenhead punsmiths Half Man Half Biscuit’s many and varied references to places of interest in their songs.

It’s called (brilliantly) Half Map Half Biscuit and appears to have been created by Stuart Vallantine and a few other HMHB fans, so credit where it’s due.

It doesn’t do much other than tell you the lyric when you click on one of the pinpoints, aside from occasionally giving some background to the lyric but it doesn’t need to do when HMHB’s famous titles are on hand. Everyone has a favourite: “Fuckin ‘ell, it’s Fred Titmus” is mine.

If you’re on some sort of HMHB pilgrimage there’s also directions and public transport information.

View Larger Map

Since I’m on mash-ups anyway, here’s a HMHB time-line of album releases from Dipity.


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