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 February 19, 2009         2 Comments

Those of you regular readers – there are regular readers, right? – who subscribe to any of my various nodes will know that I have recently had a bit of a blog explosion, in the shape of Adturds and Creature Features.

Rather than going completely Web 2.0 mad, I wanted to check out various blogging software for a work thing, and I wanted to write about things other than cultural stuff that’s going on in Liverpool.

I started Creature Features the other when I legitimately spent a day wondering what Mike Catt would look like if he actually was a cat. There’s about five posts on it now, I’m not really promoting it, it’s traffic is zilch and its pagerank will never venture beyond the very lowest figures.

That’s all OK as its purpose is to allow me to brush up on my neglected Photoshop skills and blogging knowledge and for me to amuse myself.

I’ve had a few comments from friends and colleagues but received one today, apparently from an Ant and Dec fan linking to a Mirror story about Dec’s new charidee single.

I consider myself fairly well-versed in the ways of spam, but as the benefits of spamming my lowly site are so insignificant I didn’t think anyone would go to the bother. Besides, it’s for charity, right?

It took a wiser hand to point out that spam is exactly what it was, and a quick Googling confirmed it. It’s from Passiton Media, apparently experts in viral marketing, who I assume are running a campaign for Mirror Group.

There’s no particular reason why this should be particularly annoying, it’s not the end of the world and it may be a one-off – but I don’t really want my experience of the web to become cluttered with desperate PRs trying to shill their rubbish to me and pretending to be someone else.

So, anyway, I’m calling you out Passiton. This isn’t really what viral marketing is and it’s pretty irksome. And it’s made me write another post that’s not really about Liverpool. Don’t do it again.

Paper trail: 1, 2, 3

Selected grey goo from around the web:

Digital Spy

Dec’s cover of Wake me up before you go go; nostaligia and happiness is me! If you want a copy you can get it here for only 79p and remember money goes to charity! Go Dec! (lets get ready to rumble…….)

Well i’m loving Ant and Dec’s new stuff! I loved the show on saturday and think this weeks challenge is blooming marvellous! My vote is for dec! You can too by getting his single from here (just 79p) and the money goes to charideeeeeeee. cool. Come on, you know you want to. xxx


Hey guys, anyone catch Dec on This morning. I really like the Saturday Night Takeaway challenge this week as both ant and dec are singing for charity. Personally think Dec’s song is better. have downloaded for 79p from here:DEC SONG!!!

For those of you who stay in on Saturday Nights (er…), you’ll know that Dec is releasing a charity single this week as part of his challenge.

Despite it being Wham!’s ‘Wake me Up Before You Go-Go’ (leaning to the other side, Dec?), it’s all for a good cause and of course Dec will, well, WIN!

Perhaps it’s me that gets so excited about these things, but hey ho.
Go here to hear him in action:

Come on, you know you want to


Did anyone see Ant and Dec on Saturday night? I have loved Ant and Dec since the Pj and Duncan days, so i’m loving their challenge this week! I’m supporting The Mirror and Dec Team (hes the cute little one!) as he is singing “wake me up before you go go” one of my all time fav songs! Anyway, all the proceeds go to charity, so go support Dec eveyone! x

Unreality TV

I am so glad its back! Im a massive Ant and Dec fan and have been since the days of byker grove (lets get ready to rumble!) Did people see the show on sat? Miley Cyrus forgot her lyrics, but at least she sang live. Im loving this weeks Ant vs Dec also; as a big Dec fan im supporting him in the mission to see who can sell the most singles.

You can get his song here for just 79p and proceeds go to great charities like childline. His song is wake me up before you go go; I keep playing it in the office as it puts a massive smile on my face! Anyway, im on team Dec, whose are you on?


  1. The wording of these comments suggests they haven’t been deposited by bots. This suggests some poor bastard, probably calling themselves a “digital media consultancy specialist”, has actually typed them out. What a job.

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