Owls wearing iPods

 December 9, 2008         Leave a comment

I’ve just come across a link on Twitter advertising owls wearing iPods and felt compelled to look – who wouldn’t?

It turns out that the owl in question is part on an installation at the Bluecoat, which has recently reopened following spanking refit (although the last time I went the paper towels had been removed from the gents, and in their place a mysterious and admonishing note about their abuse being the reason for their withdrawal).

Owls wearing ipods

I’m going to pop in on friday lunchtime, when it opens, for a look around, but in the meantime here’s the image in question and a link to the gallery – check it out.

I’ve also realised as I’m typing that I’ve seen some of the work of artist-in-question Sean Hawkridge before in the form of his ‘Makes Giving Easy’ project, which accessed the wedding lists of random people and added gifts.

The bemused responses – rather like the animals in The Hinterlands – are at once amusing and intriguing. As we look on we start to question our initial reactions and struggle to understand our deeper impressions – is it funny, touching or actually slightly sinister?

At least, that’s what I get out of it. On another level completely it’s simply funny.

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