Video: La Machine spider in Liverpool

 September 4, 2008         2 Comments

La Machine spider

After a day of clinging to the side of a tower block in Liverpool, the La Machine spider made its way through the streets of Liverpool in preparation for its unveiling tomorrow.

As I’m now a full-fledged multi-media node I’ve uploaded a video I took of it onto Youtube, which is below. Later I may post a tweet, do some inbound linkage on Facebook and mess about on Flickr for a bit, just ‘cos I can.

Undoubtedly a more impressive sight than photos suggest, the La Machine spider looks like pure evil and some have wondered exactly what the mechanical arachnid has to do with the Capital of Culture, especially at a price tag of £2m.

Tish and fipsy, I reckon, so what if it’s just a bloody big spider. La Machine is clearly built to stalk the city over the next few days and I can’t wait.

Even though the beast was apparently dormant today it attracted crowds of hundreds, ready with camera phones and texting their mates.

And if I can go a bit low culture for a minute there really needs to be a bit of spectacle about Liverpool 08 after a wet 60 minutes watching the bloody Wombats and Ringo Bloody Starr last winter.

After all, what city isn’t enlivened by the sight of an enormous frightening eight-legged behemoth parading around its streets?

I only hope it breathes fire and makes a particular detour to locate Pete Price and messily devour him.


Update: Although the bad weather made me turn back in my dinner hour this morning there are plenty more opportunities to see La Princess – as the spider is apparently called – over the weekend.

Details seem bafflingly hard to find on the net, so I’ve posted them here:

Friday 5th September

• 11.30am – 1pm Outside the ACC, Albert Dock

• 6.30pm – 9pm From the ACC to the Cunard Building, via Salthouse Dock

Saturday 6th Sept

• 11.30am-12.30pm Cunard Building

• 3pm – 9pm From Cunard Building to Concourse House, via Water Street, Castle St, Lord St, Parker St, Ranelagh Place

Sunday 7th September

• 3pm – 4pm Concourse House • 7.30pm – 10pm Concourse House to Queensway Tunnel entrance



  1. My hubby, Paul, and children Ciaran & Rhiannan are coming over on the ferry from the Isle of Man specifically to see La Machine an Saturday/Sunday. We have been watching the build up and following La achine closely with the internet and news items. They are so excited! She looks absolutely brilliant and from all of the guessing and sepculation it seems that the weekend is one to be remembered for a lifetime.

    I am gutted that I can’t come too but am on a training course that I can’t get out of. I only hope that the ferry sails – the weather forecast isn’t looking too good so I am praying that they are not disappointed.

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