Sub-editors go superlambananas

 June 19, 2008         Leave a comment

The most interesting thing about the Superlambanana is that I play cricket with the bloke who built the original. Actually, that’s probably the second-most interesting thing. The most interesting thing is the way in which Liverpool has taken the sculpture to its heart, with the news that 100 of the GM-inspired chimaeras have appeared around the city in the Capital of Culture year.

Superlambanana started life as some sort of blather from Taro Chiezo about the biotech corridor that runs between Manchester and Liverpool – a corridor I’d suggests 99.9 per cent of Scousers are blissfully unaware of to be honest.

What’s interesting is that everyone in Liverpool subsequently made up their own backstory to the ‘Lambanana, as Lewis Biggs told me a few years ago.

The multiplication of the creatures across Liverpool, in a city that can be pretty scathing of anything that reeks of pretence or affectation, is a good example of Liverpool grabbing the Capital of Culture thing by the horns, as it were, and stamping its own mark on it.

With that in mind, and on top of news that one has already gone missing, I thoroughly expect to see a site popping up on the net soon with topless scousers posing next them.

There are 119 of them across the region, with customised efforts from sponsors and community groups, including one on Rafa Benitez called Baa-nitez. I think that’s quite funny. As do all of the headline writers in Merseyside who’ve had a field day with the story.

If I were a more capable multi-media node I expect I would do a little Google Maps mash-up with mouse-over photos of the individual Superlambananas hosted on my Photobucket account. But since I’m not, here’s a link to a Facebook group that does something similar and a photo.


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