Ringo Starr in decapitation headline horror

 May 7, 2008         5 Comments

The news that a topiary statue of Ringo Starr in Liverpool has been decapitated will not surprise anyone living in Merseyside.

On the back of a comment where the Beatles drummer apparently disparaged his home city, feeling against Starr has been growing, particularly in light of a homecoming that was heralded by the dismal Liverpool 08 single.

The result was a beheading of Ringo’s statue outside Liverpool’s South Parkway interchange, something the newspapers gleefully seized upon.

The song in question was intended to boost Liverpool in its Capital of Culture year, but was given over almost completely to a kind of child-like self-justification about why Ringo buggered off in the 60s and never came back.

The lyrics, which defy any sort of critical description (see below), can be viewed in a rather different light a couple of months on from Ringo’s performance with King Berk Dave Stewart on top of a shed on St George’s Hall.

Since that time Ringo appeared on Jonathan Ross’ chat show and, when asked what he missed about Liverpool, after initially laughing, replied “Nothing.”

As Ringo should know full well – unless he’s been away so long he’s forgotten – Liverpool tends to take a dim view on anything which could be seen as an insult to the city, and the retribution seems a particularly scouse retort to the hapless drummer.

“Whoever did it must have come armed with cutting equipment,” said a spokesman.

And, presumably, a sense of civic pride.

Liverpool 08 lyrics. By Ringo Starr

I was a sailor first
I sailed the sea then I got a job in a factory
Played Butlins Camp with my friend Rory
It was good for him, it was great for me

Liverpool I left you, said goodbye to Madryn Street
I always followed my heart and I never missed a beat
Destiny was calling, I just couldnt stick around
Liverpool I left you but I never let you down

Liverpool I left you…

Went to Hamburg, the red lights were on
With George and Paul and my friend John
We rocked all night, we all looked tough
We didnt have much but we had enough

Liverpool I left you…

In the USA when we played Shea, we were Number One, and it was fun
When I look back, it sure was cool for those Four Boys from Liverpool

Liverpool I left you….
La la la la la la, Liverpool


  1. First Thatcher, now Ringo. You have to summon up a lot of hate to get the head knocked off your statue.
    Why is this man still indulged? He’s never shown any respect for Liverpool. And from those lyrics it’s clear he doesn’t attempt to hide it either.
    Still, he was great in Thomas the Tank Engine.

  2. ‘Liverpool I left you but I never let you down’ – that’s not for him to say really.
    I wonder how long it took to come up with such witty and insightful lyrics??

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